S2 Forensics, LLC  provides the finest digital forensics and information security services available.  Our staff is comprised of experienced computer and technology professionals who are trained, certified and educated in the fields of digital forensics, information security, litigation support and industry compliance.  Contact us today regarding any digital forensics or information security needs.

Electronic evidence solves the crime. Whether a computer, smart phone, tablet, or any other digital device we extract the data.  Call us today and together we can develop a plan to retreive the information you need.

Identifying, retrieving and analyzing relevant data in support of any litigation requires a broad understanding of computer technology and knowledge of how our legal system perceives digital data.  Whether the data resides on a computer, a tablet, on a network, the cloud, or a phone the experts at S2 Forensics have the skills and technical know-how to provide you with the support you need.

Corporate Support

Inappropriate use of corporate resources?  Harassment? Intellectual property theft? We specialize in corporate support whether you manage a Fortune 100 company or the corner store. Need PCI compliance support?  Protection from hackers?  Collection of evidence regarding an employee?  Call us! 

Mistakes happen - Now let's get your files back!!  Call us when you need to recover those important files and you can't afford to deal those guys on Craigslist or at the corner computer store.  We recover the files you have to get back.

When it comes to PCI compliance, you need the best experts and you need them now!  Call us.  We have the PCI compliance knowledge and capabilities you need.  Be safe, be secure, and be compliant.  Call us today. 

Our experts have years of high-technology in digital forensics, computer engineering and network architecture.  Call us today to discuss how we can support your needs.

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Steve Simpson M.S. Systems Engineering


Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)

International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

CCE Certificate #1609

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP Certificate #428280