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Smartphones and Tablet Forensics - With the ubiquitous use of smart phones, tablets and personal digital assistants in today's society, it is difficult to imagine a crime in which a hand held device does not play a role.

S2 Forensics engineers and examiners will conduct a full forensic investigation of the target device and retrieve all data possible. We will conduct a thorough examination of all data including that found in the phones SIM/USIM, the device body, and any optional data storage devices.


Data that can be retrieved from a smart phone, tablet, PDA or other hand held devices include:

  • Call times and call duration for dialed and received calls.

  • Recovery of text messages and SMS messages

  • Contact lists including names and phone numbers

  • Address lists including street address, email address, urls and websites

  • Photos, graphics and videos

  • Audio files

  • Apps and app data if available


Call us for a mobile device forensic audit when:

  • You, your spouse, your child or a loved one are a victim of cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, or any form of e-stalking. We can collect the evidence needed by the police before they can take action.

  • You suspect your spouse or partner of infidelity.  We can collect call times, text messages, photos and other incriminating evidence for the cheating partner's phone.

  • As a business owner you suspect the employees which have corporate phones of inappropriate phone usage, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, or the actions of a disgruntled employee.

  • Misuse of the phone by your child including sexting, inappropriate texting and/or texting to inappropriate individuals that may lead to child endangerment.


Call S2 Forensics at 253 549-5602 to discuss your Smart Phone, tablet, mobile device, Information Security and Digital Forensic needs.

Steve Simpson M.S. Systems Engineering


Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)

International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

CCE Certificate #1609

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP Certificate #428280

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