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Email and Text message Forensics – Nearly everyone communicates with email and text messages throughout the day to maintain our business and personal contacts.  This communication is often a gold mine of forensics information.

S2 Forensics uses email and text message forensics to uncover a wealth of forensics evidence. Whether it is a device resident email utility such as Outlook or Outlook Express; or a web-based email service like Gmail, Hot mail, or Yahoo Mail we will find the evidence you need.


Through the use of advanced techniques the engineers and examiners at

S2 Forensics will uncover critical local device email and text message data including:

  • Email archives including .PST, .MBX, .DBX and other storage formats

  • Message metadata including header, body and attachments

  • Message header data including sender email address, recipient email address, subject, time of creation, time of delivery, cc: and bcc: information

  • Message history including read, replied, deleted, forwarded, flagged, redirected, etc. 


S2 Forensics engineers will also work with your ISP to uncover any web-based email and text message evidence resident on their servers.


Call S2 Forensics at 253 549-5602 to discuss your email, text messaging, or Information Security and Digital Forensic needs.

Steve Simpson M.S. Systems Engineering


Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)

International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

CCE Certificate #1609

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP Certificate #428280

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